"Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world, today I am wise so I am changing myself."  Rumi

About the artist: Nicole DiPierre
Nicole graduated from Muhlenberg College with a BA in Art and Anthropology. After working many years as an ER Veterinary Technician specializing in canine rehabilitation & massage, Nicole switched gears to human medicine and currently works as an ICU nurse  Immersion in the natural world, connection with her own and other animals and the raw beauty of life are what inspire her art

Shiya was a magnificent being who touched every person he met and profoundly affected my life. He taught me these important life lessons: 
1. Be attentive and present
2. Don't be overly impressed with people's ego
3. Trust yourself, you already know the answer
4. Allow joy
5. Occasionally run wild through meadows
6. Just because you can doesn't mean you must
7. When you are unsure where your people are - just howl!

Shy Dog Studio was created to honor Shiya, the artist in me and the parts of you ready to be inspired.